The Way Forward

The AGM in 2011 discussed the future development of the then-named Royal Society Pensioners Association (RSPA). The small number of new members joining the RSPA was resulting in an increase in the average age of the members, falling numbers and fewer younger members available to organise the affairs of the RSPA. Concern was expressed that, if this trend continued, the situation could become unviable and the Association cease to operate despite significant numbers of members who could benefit from its activities and support.

Subsequently a working group was formed to look into the situation; it issued a Consultation Paper in February 2012. The results of that consultation were reported to, and discussed by, the AGM in 2012. It was agreed that the working group should continue its investigations and deliberations (including formal discussions with the Royal Society), regularly reporting back to the Committee and ultimately to the AGM in 2013.

The working group reported to the Committee in March 2013, which endorsed the group's report. That report includes recommendations for amendment of the Association's Rules in respect of membership eligibility and the name of the Association, and Resolutions on both matters will be put to the AGM in May 2013. The working group's report and recommendations, with a cover paper by the Committee, was circulated to all members in advance of the 2013 AGM, with a Response Form for members to make their views known.

Members' responses were reported to the 2013 AGM when a discussion took place on the recommendations.

In respect of Resolution A, that Membership of the Association shall be open to all pensioners, deferred pensioners and other former staff who have been confirmed in post at The Royal Society, the resolution was carried with 25 members in support, 1 against and 0 abstentions.

On the basis that the new name to be proposed would be “Royal Society Former Staff Association”, the meeting voted on Resolution B, that the name of the Association should be changed.  The resolution was carried with 25 members in support, 0 against and 1 abstention. The meeting then voted on the new name. The proposal that the new name be Royal Society Former Staff Association was carried with all 26 members present in support.

The AGM asked that the Committee consider the matter of the name as the Association developed over the next year in the light of the eligibility changes.  The Committee would also review the points made by members in response to the consultation to ensure that developments took regard of members’ concerns and comments.

Last updated: 1 November 2019