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Aims and history of BTT (by Chris Argent, Founding Editor)

Some years after the late Ronald Keay set up the Royal Society Pensioners’ Association, ignoring the ambiguity as to whether the pensioners were former staff of the Royal Society or Fellows, it was decided to add a newsletter of the ammunition available to attract and keep the pensioner members ‘on board’. As while working at the Society from July 1967 onwards staff were 'on the Terrace' (Carlton House Terrace), it wasn’t rocket science to dream up the title Beyond The Terrace for the newsletter, thus complementing the title of the newsletter for the Royal Society Staff Association, On The Terrace.

BTT is not strictly a newsletter but more a rag bag magazine attracting input from members pertaining to their service at the Society, pertinent historical articles about the Society’s homes, Fellows, governance, history, members’ news, reports on pensions (an obvious continuing theme), and the like. The Committee has, on occasion, considered whether the misnamed newsletter should be renamed and concluded that BTT is so well established and its nature so well understood that it would serve no useful purpose to recharacterize it.

By the rules of the Association, BTT is intended to be issued at least twice a year, a target that has been reached and generally exceeded with three issues/year starting in January 1993. As at March 2013, 20 years later, a member joining in January 1993 will have received a total of 55 issues.

[Chris Argent, BTT Founding Editor & Editor Emeritus]

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